What happens when you combine hair, an unhealthy obsession with the Black Library and a childhood filled with Red Dwarf and Blackadder?

A Necrelliot Overlord.

A member of Hellstorm Wargaming from the very beginnings in a shared dining room in Sheffield, I’ve always been the least serious member of the team.

I’m in this hobby because of the lore, mostly. When I was 11-12 I had a little Blood Angels force but never really played the game. I just bought (well, pestered my parents to buy) the models I thought were really cool. I had a jet bike, a defiler, some crisis suits and a Leman Russ. Yeah. Random.

From there I took a break from the tabletop for around 10 years and just read the books; the Horus Heresy series is by far my favourite. 

12 years later and I’m back in the hobby for good. I’m sure you’ll see me playing my Knights badly in the UK tournament scene at some point so be sure to say hello and remind me to paint my Death Guard!

Love you all.