I’m Alex, you’ve probably seen my badly painted Tyranids. I’m currently looking at expanding to badly painted custodes and word bearers.

Lorgar is my favourite Primarch but Mikey disrespected him.

Friendship with Mikey is over.

Lorgar is my best friend now.

Despite Mikey being a filthy heretic I assist the channel as a resident fluff guru along with Elliot, mighty is he.

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Blog #3: Why Big E is for Me.

Before you continue I’d like you to be aware that this blog will contain themes and ideas that appear in Black Library novels, namely The First Heretic, Vengeful Spirit, The Master of Mankind and Siege of Terra...

Blog #2: Why Tyranids are the Best Faction.

Why Tyranids are the best faction.* The Warhammer universe has many great factions. Even more cool factions exist that are barely touched on in the fluff. But my favourite are the Tyranids.  The Tyranids ...

Blog #1: Why Lorgar did Nothing Wrong.

Today I’m going to talk about something very close to my heart. That something is why Lorgar did nothing wrong. “Traitor” I can hear the imperial loyalists scream. But hang on, make a nice brew or glass of y...